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Aug 25, 2013 7:00am EDT
's speech. the question this morning, does new technology create better jobs? we will show you the opinion piece that is prompting our question. here are a couple of ways to participate in the discussion, as usual. by phone -- make sure you mute your television or radio when you call in. you can reach us on twitter or facebook. or send us an e-mail, the e-mail address is -- or send us an e-mail, the address is the front page this morning of t,"e washington pos the headline -- part of the reporting this morning area did president obama will be speaking on the actual anniversary day at the lincoln memorial. that is coming up on wednesday. here's the front page of the new york times and their front page photo from the march yesterday -- e froml play you mor that. comeshnology and jobs, it in an opinion peas from "the new york times," written by two economics professors. they write -- the unemployment rate is stuck at levels not seen since the early 1990s. the portion of adults working is four percentage points below its peak in 2000. our question to you
Aug 22, 2013 7:00am EDT
house, they are already doing things with technology innovation. he is coming here to us -- to spotlight the kinds of things he is talking about how colleges can lower the cost and still maintain a good education. he will start here and then go to a high school in syracuse. as you mentioned, this is all part of a larger strategy based on what he calls the middle class programs. over the past several weeks he has given several speeches on different aspects of the programs. he talked about housing and of other city. he says education is the key to middle-class. are college graduate, a better class of entering the economy and making more of an income. even on top of that, he was on vacation last week, now getting back to the real grind. we're heading into september where we will look at budgets. the fiscal year ends september 30 and the temporary spending bill ends on september 30. if the president and congress cannot agree on a new spending plan, the government will shut down. i think you are also hearing him make his pitch for how we should handle the budget going forward. for the proposa
Aug 26, 2013 7:00am EDT
then, a conversation on the latest air traffic technology with the director of civil aviation with the accountability office. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] ♪ it isgood morning, monday, august 26, 2013. president obama is scheduled to hold meetings at the white house today as a ministration officials reveals a list of targets for potential strikes in the syrian government in response to last week's suspected to michael attack. even though congress is not scheduled to return to session for two more weeks, several key lawmakers took to the sunday shows yesterday to discuss u.s. options in syria. in some cases they pressed the white house to act. and as we take you through the latest on the syrian situation, we want to hear your thoughts. should the united states take new action in syria and if so what should that action be? it is a call, our phone lines are open. republicans can call-in at -- you can also catch up with us on all your favorite social media pages, on twitter and facebook, or e-mail us at journal@c- good monday morning to you. t
Aug 29, 2013 7:00am EDT
. energy, technology, i was on the ways and means committee in the house. host: first call is from arkansas, independent line. this is jim for byron dorgan. good morning. jim, go ahead. before weime for jim move on. caller: hello? host: you are on, sir. derek, florida. republican line. caller: good morning. i just wanted to ask the senator newt was familiar with gingrich's book "one second after," which was really quite a terrifying novel concerning electromagnetic pulse weapons. guest: only generally familiar with it, familiar with the title and that it was written. it was referenced, our book, by "the new york times was quote -- by "the new york times" about a week ago. host: what other issues are you interested in, caller? caller: i was wondering about the implications of that component, in terms of cyber warfare and the protection of the great. one of the comments i would like to make -- not comments, but do you -- i'm sorry, i am a mind blanking here. host: why do we let the senator respond to the issue of electromagnetic pulses? guest: not something unfamiliar a lot about. i'm familia
Aug 24, 2013 7:00am EDT
are not succeeding, if we are not spending on research and maintain our technological edge, if we are not upgrading our roads and bridges and our transportation and infrastructure, all things we can afford to do right now and should be doing right now and would put people to work right things we don't do those in 20 years from now or 30 years from now we will have fallen behind. host: that is during course of president obama's college tour. the numbers are on the screen. on twitter -- you can make your thoughts on the phone line as well. as far as the political strategy is concerned, says -- phone lines are available, -- they mentioned the strategy behind this. the wall street journal story picks up on that. eric cantor said -- caller: i got a call from the republican party asking me to contribute money. i told the woman to stop reading from the script and i asked her a bunch of questions, such as why is boehner a political coward? why won't he fight obamacare? why won't he defund it? i have no use for the republican party anymore. . theyre afraid of obama are afraid of being calle
Aug 28, 2013 7:00am EDT
march encouraged other people to do the same thing. secondly the technological change from satellite to television and video screens and sophisticated sound systems have made marchs more accessible just more feasible. you see this cascading number of marchs to the point where -- martin luther king historian said the type has been debased by repetition. host: obviously a significant difference as we have listened to a number of oral histories. the organizational work it took to put this march together with more than 250,000, that was of course well before e-mail and twitter and other social media. this is truly a grassroots efforts. lot as changed in terms of technology. has that impacted the value of these marchs? guest: certainly the value has been has beened considerably. king's speech was carried by the satellite to nations around the world and broadcast live the only three broadcast networks. today it would take an enormous event to get that kind of attention. the technology is there to spread your message. people attention span various reasons has been so changed you really ha
Aug 23, 2013 7:00am EDT
: the opinion of one other viewer is this on this topic -- "with today's technology, there is little need to actually travel to these countries. if they want to travel, let them pay for it. from loscalling alamos, california. welcome to the program here at what would you like to say -- program. what would you like to say? caller: what i would like to ask is with this incredible amount of money they are spending -- i run the center for human out to raisee go money to help everyday people, and when i see these amounts of money being paid out -- $100 million for one trip, it almost makes me ill. so, i think the money could be spent much better. you know, i understand security and stuff, but maybe they need to cut down onir trips and they need to focus more here in the united states rather than a broad. host: thank you for calling. reaction? guest: it is certainly a valid point. host: let's try charles from mississippi. republican line. hi, there. caller: my question to the lady would be that i noticed during this family vacation with the president's family was gone to martha's vineyard, they
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7